meditation retreat


STUDIO:  ARCH 211, Prof. Stephen Perdue, WUSTL, Fall 2011
PROGRAM:  A yoga/meditation studio and guest cabin on a rural, forested property. Wood construction.  Project duration: one semester.

The design explores the connection between walking and meditation by challenging guests to consider how the direction, pace, and intention behind their movements can inform their understanding of the space and surrounding environment.  Formally, three intertwining paths span the valley of a small creek, merging together at opposite ends to define two static programs: a guest suite and a meditation platform.  The structure, a long and shifting series of wooden thresholds, varies its spacing by program and location.  This rhythmic variation not only serves as a control over the level and quality of light, shade, openness, and privacy granted to the interior, but also as a dynamic way of encouraging guests to reflect on how their passage through the space can also be understood as a form of meditation.  In this way, the walk from the guest suite across the valley can be more than just a prelude to participating in traditional meditation;  it can also be the main experience.  



                          SECTION A - A                                                                    SECTION B - B                                                                                  SECTION C - C